What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser when you visit almost any website. Its usefulness is for the website to be able to remember your visit when you browse that page again. Cookies usually store technical information, personal preferences, content customization, usage statistics, links to social networks, access to user accounts.

What types of cookies exist?

Cookies can be classified into three categories: depending on who is the entity that manages the computer or domain from which the cookies are sent and processes the data; according to the period of time in which they remain active in the terminal equipment; and according to the purpose for which the data obtained is processed.

Depending on the origin, cookies can be classified as own or third party, based on their duration, cookies are classified as session cookies and permanent cookies, and according to their purpose, cookies can be classified as technical, personalization, analysis or usage and advertising statistics, among others.

Why is your consent important?

In accordance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, cookies may be installed on users’ terminals provided that they have given their consent after being informed. has provided clear and complete information on its use. The objective of this Policy is to provide such information in a way that is useful to the User.

However, it should be noted that not all cookies have the same consideration from a legal point of view. Some cookies, because they are not considered intrusive, are exempt from the obligation to be informed. These are cookies that allow communication between the user’s computer and the network, as well as those that strictly provide a service expressly requested by the user, such as, for example:

User input cookies.
Authentication or user identification cookies (session only).
User security cookies.
Media player session cookies.
Session cookies for load balancing.
User interface customization cookies.
Plug-in cookies to exchange social content.

Despite this, on this website we consider it important that the relationship with the User is always accompanied by a high level of transparency and trust, which is why in this Cookies Policy the User can find all the cookies we use.

Cookies used on this website

We believe that the principle of transparency should be one of the backbone elements in the relationship with our users. For this reason, we have made available to you all the cookies, both our own and third parties, used on the website.

We proceed to detail the use of cookies made by this website in order to inform you as accurately as possible.

This website uses the following own cookies:

Session cookies, to ensure that users writing comments on the blog are human and not automated applications. This way spam is combated.
Technical cookies. Strictly necessary cookie intended solely to allow the user to navigate the website.

This website does not use third-party cookies.

Deactivation or deletion of cookies

At any time you may exercise your right to deactivate or delete cookies from this website. These actions are performed differently depending on the browser you are using:

For more information about Chrome click on this link.
For more information about Safari click on this link.
For more information about Firefox click on this link.
For more information about Internet Explorer click on this link.
For more information about Microsoft Edge click on this link

Additional notes

Neither this website nor its legal representatives are responsible for the content or veracity of the privacy policies that the third parties mentioned in this cookie policy may have.
Web browsers are the tools responsible for storing cookies and from this place you must exercise your right to eliminate or deactivate them. Neither this website nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect handling of cookies by the aforementioned browsers.
In some cases it is necessary to install cookies so that the browser does not forget its decision not to accept them.
For any questions or queries about this cookie policy, do not hesitate to contact us by email:
If you identify any cookie that may not be reported, you can contact us through our email address and we will proceed to identify the cookie and its declaration.